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seo-fast-laneAt SDH Interactive we understand the importance of search engine visibility there we offer our professional SEO services to ensure you maximize your website's visibility on major search engines. SEO the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization is the process carefully evaluating a website's assets such as wireframe architecture, website content and images among others and implement search engine friendly SEO strategies to make sure your website appeals not only to the human eye but also to the search engine crawlers...Our strategic SEO approach focuses on search engine friendly websites that will gain visibility in search rankings in a timely manner and expand online business exposure and reach in the shortest period fo time possible. As mentioned ealier, SEO - Search Engine Optimization is the process of carefully analyzing and adjusting website assets such as, wireframe, meta tags, text, images among others in order to improve a Website search engine ranking across major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask. Online search is the most widely used method of attracting qualified visitors to your Web site. According to Jupiter Research, 82% of online shoppers know exactly what they want when they log onto the Internet, and almost half of them use search engines to find solutions and vendors. With research confirming that the vast majority of searches end within the first two pages of search engine results, prominent placement on the Internet's major search engines through effective search engine optimization is of critical importance. Our advanced search engine optimization skills and the tools our seo consultants use, enable our clients to generate new business, at affordable cost. Our unique organic search optimization approach focuses on providing visibility so your website can achieve major visibility at a global scale for a major success on performance and business growth. We provide our service for all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Live Search, ASK and many other second tier search engines.

seo services-pointerSEO Phase 1 - Keyword Analysis Knowing what words and phrases people use to search the Web is an essential component of any well-executed search engine positioning campaign. The keyword analysis and selection phase of our search engine positioning process identifies the proper keywords suitable to your business and to ensure that the most qualified users will find the specific pages within your site that are relevant to their search query.

seo-services pointerSEO Phase 2 - Competitive Analysis The competitive analysis phase of the search engine optimization process will help you to size up your competition and provide you with the tools necessary to achieve and maintain your rightful position at the top of the search engines This phase of the search engine optimization process will yield the foundational data necessary to achieve the competitive advantages needed to outperform your competitors on the search engines and gain valuable market share.

seo-services pointerSEO Phase 3 - Content Enhancement Once effective keywords have been agreed upon, and a strategy has been formulated for outperforming competitors, the content enhancement phase of the search engine optimization process takes place. As the title implies, content enhancement involves the modification of Website content. During this phase of the process, we will make recommendations to manipulate the current placement of existing content, add new content, or even remove existing content in certain circumstances. Since the end goal of the search engine optimization process is to achieve prominent placement for the right keywords, rather than tricking the search engines into listing your pages, we will need to ensure that the appropriate keywords are incorporated into your site in an appropriate manner.

seo-services pointerSEO Phase 4 - Code Enhancement Effective SEO copywriting is only part of the battle when it comes to making your Website search engine friendly. Regardless of how complex search engines seem, they are not yet complex enough to read all content that the web browsers display. While flash, Java script, DHTML, and framing technologies may look great to the end user, they can stop a search engine spider dead in its tracks and prohibit your Website from being crawled effectively. Even if your site has been programmed in pure, easy to read HTML, you may not be presenting the spider with the appropriate information. Title, H1, and Meta tags are all important elements in effective code writing. Search engines rely on specific code to determine the content within a Web page.

seo-services pointerSEO Phase 5 - Link Building - Once the content contained within your site is geared towards the appropriate keywords and search engine spiders can effectively navigate your site, the search engines will attempt to determine the relative importance of your site. Your site may contain information about a subject, but how qualified is your site to talk about it? Relevancy based search engines use linking to determine the relative credibility of one site versus another with respect to subject matter. You may have heard the terms "Link Popularity" and "Page Rank" through search engine optimization research. These terms refer to the existence of external links from sites that link to yours. These links can have a substantial impact on your ability to achieve and maintain prominent positioning for the keywords you covet.

seo-services pointerSEO Phase 6 - Code Implementation - Once the content, code, and link enhancement processes have been completed, the next step in the search engine optimization process is implementation.

seo-services pointerSEO Phase 7 - Web Page and Directory Submission - The final step in the search engine optimization process is to make sure that each of the newly optimized pages are included in the indexes of all the relevant search engines. Directory submission requires both effective copy writing and a comprehensive understanding of the search engines

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