At SDH Interactive we understand the interactive marketing space and the importance of targeting promotional material and messages to the right audience through effective online media planning strategies. In today’s competitive business world the internet is one of the most important venues for exposure and consumer engagement. Every day millions of people go to the internet to perform different engagement actions such as checking e-mails, business, search job opportunities, finance, entertainment, perform searches for products, services and research information on particular topics.

The rapid growth of this channel have attracted the interest of marketers in the internet and into finding ways and strategies to position branding, promotional messages across important online properties visited by millions of visitors per day. This innovative way of capturing these audiences gave birth to Internet Marketing or Online Marketing. While the term online media planning sounds like a simple planning process, in reality it is totally the opposite. Media Planning is a highly complex strategy that involves several social / competitive factors which will greatly influence campaign’s results and success these are:

  1. Advertiser’s Culture
  2. Advertiser’s Goals
  3. Market Research Analysis
  4. Consumer Behavior - Persona Research Analysis
  5. Geo-Targeted Preferences

At SDH Interactive our group of experienced internet marketing specialists work with you in identifying each of the internet marketing factors listed above to gain a good understanding of your audience and what drives them to acquire your service or product in order to launch a targeted Online Media Campaign that will deliver efficient results at the lowest ROI possible.
SDH Interactive media buying process blends the most effective online marketing venues which deliver efficient targeted performance at a cost-effective level. Among our strategic internet marketing venues we consider:

  1. Text Ads
  2. Display Ads (Skyscrapers, banners, screen takeovers, customized graphics)
  3. Promotional NewsLetters
  4. Adware Ads
  5. Web 2.0 Widgets Ads

SDH Interactive Online Media planning is broken down into several stages in order to better craft the right online media strategy that will meet the company’s goals.  The stages used in the media planning process are the following:
Client Discovery: At this stage we learn every possible detail about the company, product offering, current audience and campaign goals. This introductory stage helps us identify the core product marketplace and gather key information used to assemble the proper targeted internet marketing strategy.

Persona Identification: In this stage we identify the company’s audience and marketplace. Each product is catered to certain individuals. These individuals have common habits, vision and culture. At SDH Interactive, we do an in-depth analysis on the targeted “persona” by carefully researching these personal characteristics to come up and build a strong behavioral marketing plan for the product or service in study.
Online Media Selection: Based on our preliminary research our team of expert media planners will look into the available online inventory in where the promotion or message will perform at its best. SDH Interactive is well respected in the online media buying with strong partnerships with major networks globally. Therefore we guarantee locking in the best possible media placement rates for your online media buying campaigns in order to deliver our results at the most cost effective rate possible.
Media Negotiations: Through this stage our Media Planners negotiate with the selected networks to ensure our clients receive the best media placement at the best possible price. Most networks negotiate on a case by case and availability scenario. As mentioned earlier network relationships play an important role into locking it placements and availability on desired deadlines. Even though we do not control these factors we can negotiate our way in to ensure our clients meet their timelines by 100%.
Online Media Plan: Once we are able to identify and lock in the placements and rates for our clients we go ahead and put together a Media Plan Formal Proposal in where we present a detailed network breakdown on placement with information on impressions purchased, site traffic, audience segment and rate. In this section we will include specifications on banner size required for the initiative.
Ad Trafficking: SDH Interactive makes sure every single online media buying effort is fully measurable.  Therefore every asset is trafficked under our specific guidelines in order to get the learnings from campaign’s performance in terms of clicks and conversions. This information will serve as the key data to optimize the campaign and rotate assets based on performance and ROI.

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