Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

YouTube has just added 3,000 new movie titles for rent in the U.S. At the same time, YouTube is also bolstering its investment in the content that’s already being viewed by hundred of millions of people on YouTube. The 20,000+ YouTube partners — folks like Machinima, Annoying Orange and Ryan Higa — are producing original content for the web and commanding TV-size audiences for their own brand of programming….

Did you know that YouTube generates over 2 billion views per day? That means that the video sharing site, that started life as a home for videos of sneezing pandas, piano playing cats and “lonely people talking to themselves”, is reaching the tipping point where the “network is the content”….

The Google Panda update set off fireworks on February 24. But an even bigger change to YouTube search results has slipped under the radar despite the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine….

If you have a YouTube account and it is not tied to a Google account you may not be able to log in in a few weeks, according to the YouTube blog. All YouTube accounts have to be tied to a Google account. Whether this is to help improve the service, or a tie to their non existent Social Circles, or a consolidation motivated by tracking to avoid any potential privacy issues later has yet to be determined. What is obvious is Google is consolidating user information and this move will help push whatever their social play is. Right now…

It was time for celebration when Next New Networks was bought by YouTube – the video arm of Google. Their company COO Liam Collins led the way with a table dance – though his name suggests Irish heritage it definitely was no River Dance….

According to a study by Netpop Research, users of YouTube are more likely to recommend that site than users of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media websites are likely to recommend those sites….

There’s an old adage that recommends that you “fish where the fish are.” Well, President Barack Obama was answering questions on YouTube yesterday while Vice President Joe Biden was tacking questions on Yahoo Answers. Do you think they know something that marketers should know about where the fish are?…

The YouTube Team launched a new YouTube home page yesterday….

Yesterday, the YouTube Blog buried its lead. Midway through a post that proclaimed “Music videos now on YouTube app for Android,” was the really important news for marketers: “YouTube now exceeds 200 million views a day on mobile, a 3x increase in 2010.”…

Today, the YouTube Blog took an informal poll of its own team and industry reporters — including Zach Rodgers of ClickZ — to find out their favorite YouTube ads of the year….