Friday, May 29th, 2020

One of the sessions at SES Toronto 2011, Next Gen YouTube Marketing, will address questions like: “Do you really have to blend an iPhone or sit on a horse backwards pitching shower gel to have a successful video marketing campaign?” Well, June 14 is still a long ways off, but I’ve started to gather new examples of contagious viral videos that are being shared on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs….

Last week, a guest post in the YouTube Blog by Chris Anderson, Curator of TED, asked, “What makes an ad worth spreading?” This week, let’s check out some examples of YouTube ads that went viral in 2010….

If you create something so bad that it goes viral, is it a public relations disaster or a video marketing triumph? That’s the question that journalists and bloggers are asking after watching HostingYourParty, which tells you how to host a Microsoft Windows 7 House Party. Microsoft is putting a Tupperware-style twist on the upcoming Windows 7 rollout — launching a new initiative to encourage thousands of employees, partners and technology enthusiasts to throw parties in their homes and communities to demonstrate and help spread the word about its new operating system. People accepted as official launch party hosts will get…