Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

This week, all the large paid search platform providers are telling their Black Friday/Cyber Monday stories. Many are making predictions or offering advice on the trends they are seeing within start of the holiday shopping season based on the advertising budgets they are managing. Yesterday, Efficient Frontier told paid search marketers to increase their advertising budgets and spend more to generate the best possible results from the holiday shopping spree….

Research released from SearchIgnite suggest a strong Q4 for the U.S. retail sector ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Retailers have increased their spend on search in Q4 of this year, by 37% YoY when compared to the first half of Q4 2009. This coincides with an increase in consumer spending, with Average Order Value up nearly 21% and conversion rates increasing by nearly 29%….

By now you should have heard of the ‘last click’ attribution methodology and how it is a wrong headed analysis that risks biting the hand that feeds it. But have you heard of the ‘no-click’ attribution analysis? Neither have I, but iProspects latest investigation suggests that whatever market sector we are in, it might be time for marketers to start thinking about it. Commissioning comScore to conduct a survey, iProspect set about uncovering the true effect of all digital media channels, and the effect of branding on customers’ purchase paths. The research spanned organic search impressions, paid search impressions, online…

Research firm Nielsen has released a study on how Americans spent their online time in June. Here are the main findings worth making a note of….