Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

And most of it’s going to Google….

According to Outsell, spending on online advertising and marketing will overtake print in 2010 for the first time. The research and advisory firm’s annual forecast predicts companies will spend $119.6 billion on online and digital strategies, from search engine keywords to webinars, while committing $111.5 billion to print media such as newspaper and magazine ads this year….

PriceGrabber has released their holiday consumer spending forecast and it’s clear that shoppers are hankering down on the ol’ family budget. It’s not quite as severe as last year, but consumers seem to be planning their holiday spending with more diligence this time around. In order to spend smarter, they’re starting earlier, doing their research and looking for deals. Let’s dig in. 70% of consumers are conducting product research and comparison shopping online. This has nearly doubled from last year, which was 38%. That behavior is already in progress. 30% have already begun shopping, most of them beginning this month…