Saturday, June 6th, 2020

MyWebGrocer report that hamburger sales increase a whopping 105% as Americans prepare to celebrate the birth of the USA. MyWebGrocer collected the data through their grocery ad platform which works with over 100 US retailers (representing over 5000 stores)….

In nine days exactly, the World Cup kicks off in South Africa and already, the event is starting to shape the UK search landscape….

Magnetic announced integration of its search data marketplace with leading ad networks on Monday. This partnership will enable display ad buyers on the Collective, interCLICK and Undertone ad networks to retarget users of second-tier search engines who have performed a search in the last 30 days….

Image via WikipediaLast month, “unfriend” was named Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2009. This afternoon, our friends at Experian Hitwise analyzed the top 300 search terms for 2009 and Facebook was the top-searched term overall. Now, if only I could convince my kids to friend me on Facebook. But I digress. This is the first year that the social networking Website has been the top search term overall, accounting for 0.67 percent of all searches. In fact, four variations of the term “facebook” were among the top 25 terms, according to Hitwise. Facebook moved up from the 10th…