Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

Meanwhile, Bing gains 1.5 share….

When Hitwise and Nielsen both released their December 2009 rankings and it showed Bing as dropping, I had a hunch that comScore was going to show the opposite. And they did. Bing grew its search share by 0.4% last month. That’s a total of 2.7% gain since launch. Unfortunately, for Microsoft, the expense continues to be due in part to sinking search share at Yahoo! That means when the two merge their search efforts, Bing won’t have gained at all. However, if Bing can grow the combined search effort the way they’ve been able to grow since launch, they could…

Google and AOL are up while Yahoo!, Bing and are down from November in Nielsen’s December 2009 search rankings. But let’s face it, AOL is fueled by Google, so pretty much all of the gains belong to Google. When you compare year-over-year numbers, things are pretty much abysmal for everyone but Google, who gained, and Bing, which remained steady. Here are the stats from November: Here are the stats from December 2008….

Earlier today, Greg Jarboe informed us about Hitwise’s search share data and how it showed Bing continued to have momentum. But Nielsen has released their search share data for October 2009 and it’s painting a different picture. The data shows Google gaining 2 points in the past two months. This came at the expense of Yahoo! and Bing, which both lost a point since Nielsen’s last search report in August….