Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

PPC is as significant as ever, the SEM industry is stronger than ever and projected to grow 16 percent this year, and the Microsoft-Yahoo Search Alliance was well-received. Those are just a few of the takeaways from SEMPO’s State Of Search Marketing Report 2011….

Today Yahoo! and Microsoft announced that they have completed a major search alliance milestone in both the U.S. and Canada. Starting today, Microsoft Advertising adCenter will power 100% of the paid search advertisements on both Bing and Yahoo! owned and operated properties and publisher networks in the U.S. and Canadian markets….

Hot on the heels of the organic results integration in the US, Yahoo & Bing both announced today that now is the time to begin preparing your paid search accounts for the final integration, in which Microsoft Adcenter will power all paid search ads on Yahoo! Search in the U.S. & Canada….

Yahoo is focusing on content indeed but it also remains committed to search, Senior VP of Search Shashi Seth told us during a conversation at the company’s premises in Sunnyvale….

Yahoo is currently testing its “Infinite Browse” feature with a limited number of users. Infinite Browse literally comes in a box below Yahoo News and suggests images, videos, news articles, slideshows, as well as related searches….

An overview of some of today’s search, ad, tech news…

As Yahoo and Bing progress on the Search Alliance, Yahoo said it is live testing results of Microsoft organic and paid search on its platform this month. In its update, Yahoo also gave a few other prospective dates and steps. Read on….