Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

A top mobile service harnesses its strengths to compete in the mobile ad space….

Local advertising meets search engine optimization with new tool for marketers….

Answers search service expands offering to create more comprehensive experience….

The app is free and available in the Android Market. It provides access to 15 million local business listings. Here’s what you can do with it: Submit reviews on the go Share merchant details, reviews and tips via text, e-mail or Twitter Search and sort your city via auto-identification of your location using GPS Search by keyword, category, distance, cost and Citysearch rating Access leading Citysearch content such as user and editorial reviews, editor’s picks and featured merchants Save time and money with the Tip Calculator and Split the Bill features Bookmark “favorites” or “wish-lists” of Citysearch merchants for easy…

46% of local searchers make in-store visits, according to data released to eMarketer by TMP Directional Marketing and comScore. The number is up 12% over last year. Meanwhile, for “general searches,” 34% visited stores, but this was only up 1% over last year. Internet yellow pages searchers also came in at 34%, up from 29% last year. The overall average of searchers ending up in-store was 37%. What local searchers are looking for are businesses that provide the products and services they’re looking for. After they’ve found that, they look for address and location information and then a phone number….

Local.com has received a new patent for an Enhanced Directory Assistance (EDA) Services method and system. In a statement, Local.com described the patent, number 7,596,218, as: Issued on September 29, 2009, the patent describes a system and method for maintaining a dynamic index for a telephone directory assistance system. The system enables advertisers to dynamically control whether a listing – and/or one or more of a keyword index, a localization index, and a position control index – associated with the advertiser is included in an EDA request, and in what position the associated listing is returned in response to the…

Goby.com launched this week, promising to help people find things to do with their spare time or help them find interesting things to do on vacation. The idea is to type in the type of thing you want to do, where you want to do it and when you want to do it directly on the homepage (which is available on Firefox and IE): The problem is the results leave a lot to be desired. Simply type in “dog park” and then try a bunch of different cities. The results for Wasington, DC returned listings for dog parks in Washington…

Business owners have been able to bulk upload their local listings to Google Maps but have had to verify them individually. Until now. Google is now providing the opportunity to bulk verify bulk uploads. Said bulk uploads must meet the following criteria: Accurate and up-to-date data Minimum of 10 bulk uploaded listings already in business owners’ Local Business Center account Full compliance with our Local Business Center Quality Guidelines Submitted by the owner of all businesses listed All businesses have only been submitted by a single user…

I’m at the TechCrunch50 show where Google and Microsoft yesterday announced new visual interfaces for news and image search, respectively. Today, I’m on the hunt for interesting mobile & local companies. One that just demoed, City Sourced, falls into this bucket, giving users a chance to report local crime and vandalism. The way this works is through an iPhone app that lets users take pictures of things like graffiti or old couches on the street. Using the phone’s GPS and compass reading, the app tags that content, wraps it up and sends it to City Hall. On the other end,…

Fast-growing local search engine CitySquares has incorporated Facebook Connect. Now, you can use your Facebook account to sign into the site.

When you do, you can invite Facebook friends to CitySquares and control which information from Facebook you want visible on the local site (name, hometown, birthday, etc.)

The CitySquares teams plans further integration of Facebook Connect in the future. It will include enabling users to update their Facebook accounts when they rate a business.

Ben Saren, CitySquares CEO, says it’s all part of recognizing the close relationship between social and local.

“The Local Web and the Social Web are related,” wrote Saren on the CitySquares blog. “OK they’re not sisters, but they’re definitely cousins. The now and the future of local will see much more social features and functionalities.”

As such, adding Twitter integration is also in the works.

“There’s a whole strategy we’re going to evolve that into for community and neighborhood pages, to effectively create a waterfall of real-time locally relevant information that both pulls content in, and distributes content out. I know that sounds a little too conceptual, but hang in there – you’ll see what we mean very soon,” explained Saren.

What do you think of the relationship between local and social? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.