Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Marin Software unveiled key research showing that Google Instant streaming search results was a win-win implementations for users and advertisers… and Google. Google Instant, launched last month, “was seen as a big gamble for Google when the company announced it, but it’s proved to be a positive change for the industry,” said Matt Lawson, vice-president of marketing, Marin Software. “Google has pulled off the elusive win-win-win with the release of Instant, driving increased usability for consumers and increased volume for advertisers, while managing to increase their slice of the overall search pie in the process.”…

Today Yahoo! and Microsoft announced that they have completed a major search alliance milestone in both the U.S. and Canada. Starting today, Microsoft Advertising adCenter will power 100% of the paid search advertisements on both Bing and Yahoo! owned and operated properties and publisher networks in the U.S. and Canadian markets….

Hot on the heels of the organic results integration in the US, Yahoo & Bing both announced today that now is the time to begin preparing your paid search accounts for the final integration, in which Microsoft Adcenter will power all paid search ads on Yahoo! Search in the U.S. & Canada….

Everyone needs a good tool. So are you ready to hear about the latest and greatest? Me too. I actually changed sessions to be here today after Alex sold me on his toolbox at Schmoozefest yesterday. Anyway, we have Simon Heseltine (AOL Inc.) moderating an All-Star line up: Dave Snyder (Blueglass), David Szetela (Clix Marketing), Mark Jackson (VIZION Interactive), Alex Cohen (ClickEquations), and Ariel Bardin (Google)….

The nice people at Wibiya have been working with us to create our toolbar, which you will see, now pops up at the bottom of the page. Wibiya offer a free web toolbar, which is essentially an app engine that can be fitted to your website. We decided to heavily customize the toolbar for readers of SEW to offer apps that fit in with routine search marketing tasks, so that you can follow up on concepts you are learning about and bounce ideas off other members of the community….

On Monday, Microsoft and Yahoo invited search marketers and vendors to an all-day overview of the upcoming Microsoft-Yahoo Alliance. Here are some of the highlights from the day….

Marketers in the UK and Canada are the first to benefit from the new AdWords broad match modifier feature that allows higher conversion rates with better ROI when using exact and phrase match keywords….

It’s free to join and affiliates get paid for leads and sales….