Friday, June 5th, 2020

Today, Bing announced the Bing for Mobile Android App. Significantly, Bing also announced that Verizon will launch new Android devices pre-loaded with the Bing for Mobile app over the coming months….

ComScore report that for the three month period ending April 2010, that more smartphone users accessed maps via applications, than maps via mobile browser in a month….

While social networking gained the most penetration in U.S. mobile market use in April, searches also recorded hefty increases, both via apps and browsers, according to freshly released comScore data….

Facebook goes a step further in the global open web by enabling users in poorer countries to access its platform through a mobile application called 0.Facebook – free of charge….

Verizon Wireless is teaming up with Google to work on a tablet computer, with the clear aim to rival the AT&T-carried iPad, Verizon CEO, according to a published report….

Google has updated their mobile app for the iPhone. And yes, Apple has actually approved this one. Here’s what to expect in this update: redesigned search results display shows more results at once opens web pages from the results within the app style your Google Mobile App in any shade choose your spoken language or accent Mandarin and Japanese are supported languages for Voice Search…