Saturday, February 29th, 2020

Yesterday, the YouTube Blog buried its lead. Midway through a post that proclaimed “Music videos now on YouTube app for Android,” was the really important news for marketers: “YouTube now exceeds 200 million views a day on mobile, a 3x increase in 2010.”…

If the race for the best geo-social network gave you the impression that local and mobile were converging and that the future involved words like ‘Mocal’ or ‘Lobile’ (ok, I just made that up – you probably didn’t think that), then Google Goggles would like to remind you that the combination of technologies in your mobile phone can do a lot more than check-in or tweet. In fact, using your camera phone, an image recognition app and an always on data connection can bring the mobile web to you and effectively hyperlink physical objects….

Google has been feeling the heat over the past few days with the global uproar over its rogue StreetView wifi data collection and its increasingly difficult relationship with Apple. The iPad maker, who was widely rumored to be looking at leaving Google for Bing, has now included Bing as a search engine choice on Safari….

Google announced it has closed its acquisition of AdMob, in a move that will likely open wide the doors of mobile online advertising in emerging markets….

Don’t get fooled by the recent reports about Yahoo and Nokia joining hands on maps, mail and chat services. Yes, they are both ageing twentieth-century web and mobile brands and yes this deal seems to be intended to bridge the gap with rivals Google and Apple. However, if you read closely, there might very well be more to it than what the press in general wants to see. Believe me, the place where the companies are most likely to benefit from their partnership is in emerging markets. Read on….

Today ClickZ reported that the Google AdMob deal has been unanimously approved by the FTC….

AdMob now offers mobile ads for non-mobile sites….

YouTube experienced 160% growth in traffic to their mobile site in 2009….

A top mobile service harnesses its strengths to compete in the mobile ad space….

Expansion of feature allows national phone numbers irregardless of user location….