Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 a site which aggregates local information about shopping sales in your local area have launched an iPhone app that automatically searches for sales nearby you now. The iPhone app launch follows’s public launch in February 2011 which indexes a daily average of 175k nationwide in the US. The benefits of the service are that users can monitor sales from a hundreds of different stores and across a broad range of interests, without needing to subscribe to email lists or sift through junk mail….

With the tag line “Touch and Decide,” Bing has released an incredible new search app for iPad. Available for free in the App Store, Bing for iPad was designed from the ground-up for the larger iPad screen to deliver a visually rich experience….

BBH launched a cool campaign for Lynx/Axe in London. It’s a great example of how outdoor advertising is becoming more interactive. More info on this campaign can be found on Mashable….

Pearlfinders, a company that interviews senior marketers in the US and UK, found that companies that invest heavily in paid search advertising for desktop devices are still reluctant to invest heavily in mobile, despite widespread opinion that 2011 could finally be the year of the mobile. In conversation with senior marketing executives from established bricks and mortar brands, Hard Rock International (US), Mall of America, Oxfam America, New Jersey Nets, McDonald’s Corporation and the survey found that when it comes to mobile, fairly traditional tactics were favored over bleeding edge mobile marketing techniques….

There are three key reasons why you should go to SES New York 2011, which will be held March 21-25 at the Hilton New York. Attending the leading search and social marketing event will help you and your organization (1) keep up-to-date with industry trends, (2) see new products and services, and (3) maintain and build relationships….

Google’s Eric Schmidt says mobile is growing faster than predicted. There were more updates than you can shake a stick at during the Facebook February Frenzy. And to top things off, Google is shaking up the SERPs with their latest algorithm update. So, take my advice: Run, don’t walk, to SES New York 2011….

According to a new survey from the Association of National Advertisers and the Mobile Marketing Association, 88 percent of marketers at large retailers and consumer brand manufacturers say they will use mobile marketing this year. What’s more, 75 percent of those already marketing to mobile consumers plan to increase their spending by an average of 59 percent compared with 2010….

We reported that Google Instant beta was appearing on Android devices last week. Yesterday, Google made it official, introducing the predictive search-as-you-type functionality for iPhones and Android….

YouTube experienced 160% growth in traffic to their mobile site in 2009….

A top mobile service harnesses its strengths to compete in the mobile ad space….