Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

Don’t get fooled by the recent reports about Yahoo and Nokia joining hands on maps, mail and chat services. Yes, they are both ageing twentieth-century web and mobile brands and yes this deal seems to be intended to bridge the gap with rivals Google and Apple. However, if you read closely, there might very well be more to it than what the press in general wants to see. Believe me, the place where the companies are most likely to benefit from their partnership is in emerging markets. Read on….

Google went through the trouble of putting out a quite detailed blog post yesterday to apologize for having collected “in error” Wi-Fi data in Ireland through its Google Street View cars, saying it “failed badly”. The search giant added that although it had collected data “samples”, it had not used it for any of Google’s service offers….

Explore space from your laptop….

Meanwhile, Bing gains 1.5 share….

Building on the location-sharing frenzy, a cool app for your site….

Just in time for spring, Google is helping you enjoy the great outdoors by adding bike trails to Maps….

Bing is well on its way in providing street-level imagery on its maps product. Now, they’re incorporating Flickr photos through a new Bing Maps application called Streetside Photos. The photos are associated with their location and la…

Last week, Bing unveiled Streetside imaging but you may have noticed it’s not quite extensive. Hold your horses. These things take time. Bing is partnering with Navteq to get some more imaging done. Navteq is already traversing roads all over to get the best info for maps. So, Bing is simply attaching cameras to their vehicles to capture the imaging. Pretty clever. The vehicles will be outfitted with the Microsoft Vexcel UltraCam. Expect monthly releases of Streetside imagery as it becomes available….

Today, Satya Nadella Senior Vice President, Online Services at Microsoft unveiled new Bing features at an event in San Francisco. The updates involve Bing Maps, the Bing Mobile App and a new Bing Toolbar. There was also Maps Streetside imaging – yes, that’s Microsoft’s version of Google’s Street View. It’s smart for Bing to compete with the Google monster on this one. Twitter integration – see real-time updates based on location Local Lens – indexes local blogs and tries to associate them with a physical location What’s Nearby – find what’s near a location. Staying at a hotel? Find the…

Bing is officially lifting the beta label from their search offering in the UK. Searchers will experience features that US searchers get including homepage hotspots, visual search, and Twitter integration. The Bing UK shopping search will be integrated with Ciao UK. Meanwhile, Bing Maps is launching in the UK. Previously, UK internet users were redirected to Multimap.com. Bing Maps UK includes a variety of features such as Tube Maps as well as London Congestion Charge Warnings….