Sunday, May 31st, 2020

Both Google and Bing have been making changes as of recent, each in their own way. Most noticeably, Google has been experimenting with Twitter data and, more recently, its +1 feature. Google +1 adds tagging of search results for sharing those results to contacts in your Google Account. Bing has their partnership with Facebook, integrating Likes into results and has also been leveraging and integrating social sites directly into search results….

Google +1 hit the press yesterday and many are wondering whether Google can get a truly social product off the ground. However, the product announcement is more of an invitation to join an experiment rather than a Google-wide launch. The success of Google +1 really is in our hands. Here is a summary of the fundamentals: 1. It’s just a voting button for search results pages. In line with Google’s latest social strategy, Google +1 is a social layer for search results pages, rather than a proper social network….

One hopes the new tagging element rolled out by Google this week is really not their interpretation of social networking and just another attempt to get its users to do some of their heavy lifting. No doubt the popularity of Facebook’s Like button and the ever present Tweet This buttons on most sites’ content pages these days motivated Google, but the limitations of how it is passed around shows the hole in Google’s social networking efforts. Google +1 is a marketing ploy more than a true social sharing of information. Google has said it may have impact on the organic…