Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

What seems to be a rather large test of a new Google search results layout caused a mixed reaction from users on Twitter and blogs over the weekend. The new looks don’t seem all that new, especially if you’ve ever visited Blekko or DuckDuckGo, which both sport similar, though not identical, search layouts….

Google Instant Previews will now include Adobe Flash objects and other rich content. Previously, Flash components were represented as a little icon in the shape of a puzzle piece….

Google has had very little to say to hurting webmasters who saw their rankings tank overnight due to Google’s rollout of the Panda Update. Many of these webmasters have depended on traffic from Google to pay mortgages and feed their families — and many sites were forced to lay off staff and no doubt others have just shut down. Previously, beyond telling webmasters to identify and remove (or improve) low-quality or “shallow” content, Google hasn’t had much to say. Until today, at least. In a new blog post on Google Webmaster Central, Google’s Amit Singhal has posted what he calls…

Google has released Search Globe, a Chrome experiment that breaks down a 24-hour period of global searches. With a click of your mouse, you can spin the globe and see which countries have the most searches with protruding bars in a variety of colors, each color representing different languages (e.g., blue for English, orange for Spanish)….

People searching for news, breaking news, or mainstream newspapers or cable television news channels on Google are now being served clickable news headlines rather than a site description. Not sure if this feature is a test or fully rolled out, but I’ve asked several people today who are all seeing it. Here’s what the new feature looks like:…

A day before Demand Media is scheduled to report its earnings, a new report from Conductor sheds more light on eHow’s shrinking search visibility in the wake of Google’s Panda update….

Google has had their share of problems with authorities in Europe regarding data collection practices. Now South Korea has targeted Google for allegedly collecting and storing data against local laws. Specifically, Google is targeting the AdMob division, which handles ads on mobile platforms….

Less than 48 hours after news of the killing of Osama bin Laden, related searches are still trending on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Details of bin Laden’s death, news coverage, and even conspiracy theories have dominated on the search engines. Here’s a roundup….

Matteo Mucci asked SEW via Twitter, “what are the best 5 SEO Addons for Firefox 4?” I thought it was an interesting question, so had a stab at the answer. I’m quite fond of all of these tools for their own specific purpose, so much so the list runs to 7 (rather than 5). Nonetheless, feel free to suggest any useful addons, bookmarklets, and plugins not listed. Below are some of most useful Firefox Addons and plugins for an SEO and their day-to-day workflow….

Search-based online advertising network Chitika has put out an interesting study showing that the top spot in Google receives 20 percent of clicks among iPad users….