Saturday, December 15th, 2018

Instant Previews for Ads, which we reported was being tested last week, are now live in the U.S. AdWords advertisers will only be charged when a user clicks through to your landing page, not if someone previews the page by clicking on the small magnifying glass next to the ad title, Google announced via Inside AdWords….

Places Search is the latest Google property to add Instant results….

Google is adding Instant Previews for Videos. Instant Previews for videos have the same appearance as regular Instant Previews — the selected clip is highlighted in blue and a clickable magnifying glass appears next to the title of the video. But rather than see a preview page of a website, you’ll see four short playable clips from a video….

Rumors swirled around the launching of Google’s social platform at SXSW last weekend, but ultimately the product now supposedly named ‘Google Circles’ was a no show and the launch is now possibly slated for May, the Next Web reported. The former ‘Google Me’ has been hotly awaited and the social interactive South By Southwest seemed like a great place to launch, but rumors were nixed by Google. As ReadWriteWeb posted: “We believe that Google will preview a major new social service called Google Circles at South by Southwest Interactive today. Update: Google has now officially denied that Circles will launch…

Only about 2 percent of users have opted out of using Google Instant, according to Ben Gomes, Instant lead engineer. Launched in September, Google Instant tries to predict what you’re looking for and shows you results as you type. Granted, a low opt-out rate doesn’t mean everyone loves Instant. It could just mean people haven’t bothered or tried to opt out….

Search terms like BitTorrent (and several other combinations of the word “torrent”), RapidShare, and Megaupload are among the new banned words in Google’s Instant results and Autocomplete, as Google begins its crackdown on terms closely associated with piracy. However, this filter doesn’t translate to Google’s regular search results pages….

Google today announced a new feature called Instant Previews that allows searchers to fully preview a website within Google’s search results before visiting it (an experiment we reported last month)….

We reported that Google Instant beta was appearing on Android devices last week. Yesterday, Google made it official, introducing the predictive search-as-you-type functionality for iPhones and Android….