Friday, June 5th, 2020

Two weeks ago Google announced that the domain portion of all AdWords ads would soon show in lower case. It appears this change rolled out Friday, based on a post at WebmasterWorld….

More search marketers are reporting seeing PPC ad grouping by segments and categories for certain search queries. Google began testing this new layout for general and brand terms in Google AdWords that showed “Related to [search term]” last June, and it seems it has rolled out more broadly in the last few days….

The domain portion of your display URL for all ads appearing on Google’s search results pages will begin appearing in all lowercase letters within the next week, Google announced yesterday. Standardizing the look of the URLs improved click-through rates, according to Google’s Lisa Shieh….

Within the week, all U.S. advertisers will be able to use Google Product Listing Ads, Google announced yesterday. Product Ads feature product images, price, and merchant names in shopping related searches….

Google is rolling out a change to its search ads on all English language domains, Search Engine Land reports. “Sponsored links” will now simply be known as “Ads.”…

Google has settled with French authorities, promising to overhaul its rules on blocking certain advertisers from buying sponsored links, the New York Times reports….

If you spend any amount of time in Google AdWords, you’ve probably noticed that your report options have slowly been dissappearing from the Report Center. In fact, your options for creating reports probably looks a lot like this:…

Google introduced its AdWords seller ratings feature in the U.S. in June. As of Sunday, it appears the U.K. is now getting this service as well on, Blogstorm reports….

Penry Price, Google’s Vice President of Global Agency Development today announced changes in the search engine’s relationship with advertising agencies on the Official Google Blog. No, Google isn’t offering “cashback.”…

One of the reasons marketers went to SES New York 2010 was to see new products and services. And they weren’t disappointed….