Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

One of the sessions at SES Toronto 2011, Next Gen YouTube Marketing, will address questions like: “Do you really have to blend an iPhone or sit on a horse backwards pitching shower gel to have a successful video marketing campaign?” Well, June 14 is still a long ways off, but I’ve started to gather new examples of contagious viral videos that are being shared on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs….

Normally, events like SES London 2011 generate a great deal of buzz during the conference. But a dozen bloggers are already blogging about the leading search and social marketing event, which doesn’t get underway until next week….

Depending on which source you use, either “Volkswagen Commercial: The Force” or “Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial – Imported From Detroit” was the best Super Bowl commercial….

Tomorrow, many people will be watching Super Bowl XLV to see if the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Green Bay Packers. But Nielsen Sports media research says close to 50 percent of viewers will actually watch the commercials more than they watch the game….

Forbes AdVoice, a new Forbes editorial strategy that does away with the traditional barriers between advertising and editorial content:

The pitch is this: We’ll sell you a blog, and your content will live alongside that of Forbes’ journalists and bloggers. This isn’t the “sponsored post” of yore; rather, it is giving advocacy groups or corporations such as Ford or Pfizer the same voice and same distribution tools as Forbes staffers, not to mention the Forbes brand.

“In this case the marketer or advertiser is part of the Forbes environment, the news environment,” Mr. DVorkin said.

If that stuff has legs & spreads across most the major media sites then Google’s “authority first” relevancy algorithm strategy is dead.

Google has always considered paid links bad (as Forbes certainly knows) but as paid content spreads how will Google fight it? And if that content contains links then is it still a paid link? Will Google once more end up purging the payola?

The other question is … when media has tons of press releases alongside the articles, what value add is there for consumers to pay attention to the media? And if the media teaches advertisers to create their own media, won’t many of those advertisers do so on their own websites & cut the mainstream media out of the loop?

Back on Sept. 13, Simon Dumenco wrote an article in Advertising Age entitled, “RIP, the Press Release (1906-2010) — and Long Live the Tweet.” I was in Ireland at the time, and it wasn’t until yesterday that I read that “the long-suffering, much-maligned press release” had “finally died this summer.”…

The blogger community is already buzzing about SES San Francisco and all the other events that will be held next week at The Moscone Center during ClickZ’s Connected Marketing Week….

Karen Wickre, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at Google will share secrets about Blogging @ Google today, July 29, 2010, at 1:00pm EDT / 10:00am PDT. There is still time to register for the free webcast and webinar, which is sponsored by Connected Marketing Week….

I’ve written a couple of social media case studies over the past year, but I was tipped off to a new one late last night. A brand new group of bed and breakfast hosts, vacation rentals owners, property managers, brokers, and inn keepers called Protect Vacation Rentals is using social media to get Governor David Paterson of New York to veto Bill S6873….

Karen Wickre, Google’s senior manager of corporation communications, will be one of the speakers at the ClickZ BlogworkZ forum on August 16 at Connected Marketing Week….