Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was on hand and on stage at RIM’s annual Blackberry World event. Microsoft’s main man announced what Bing called a “new alliance” between the two companies to help their “joint customers” make better decisions….

Less than 48 hours after news of the killing of Osama bin Laden, related searches are still trending on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Details of bin Laden’s death, news coverage, and even conspiracy theories have dominated on the search engines. Here’s a roundup….

If you’re noticing something different on Bing Shopping, you’re right. With continued emphasis on providing users with tools to make more informed decisions, the Bing Team calls their update a “brand new experience” to help users shop. The new landing page for Bing Shopping combines various content to help lessen search time and improve the shopping experience….

Bing has announced expanded options for earning credits from its Bing Rewards Program. Bing Rewards is now integrated directly into Bing Web search. This opens it up to people using the latest versions of the Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers….

Today Bing Maps announced their new iOS app called Photosynth, which enables you to snap full-circle, 360 degree panoramic images just using your point-and-click iPhone camera. Simply point your camera up, down, left and right, and the app will automatically line-up the next shot. Photosynth will then automatically process, view and store the finished panoramas right onto the device. You can then share your panoramas as images on Facebook, view them as interactive panoramas on, or publish them to Bing Maps (using the app) to be used on Bing local business listings….

Business owners, stake your claim! Bing has released the Bing Business Portal into the wild. Bing Business Portal is a new service from Bing to help business owners create and control their presence online….

The popularity of Google Doodles has not been overlooked by Bing and Ask, both engines are buying low costing paid search traffic for Yuri Gagarin figuring the people who click thru may stay and use Bing News or….

With the tag line “Touch and Decide,” Bing has released an incredible new search app for iPad. Available for free in the App Store, Bing for iPad was designed from the ground-up for the larger iPad screen to deliver a visually rich experience….

Both Google and Bing have been making changes as of recent, each in their own way. Most noticeably, Google has been experimenting with Twitter data and, more recently, its +1 feature. Google +1 adds tagging of search results for sharing those results to contacts in your Google Account. Bing has their partnership with Facebook, integrating Likes into results and has also been leveraging and integrating social sites directly into search results….

Bing’s homepage may be getting a new look — and the new layout is a bit reminiscent of Google’s current homepage. Rather than having the vertical links to Images, Videos, etc. at left on top of their background picture, in this test Bing has moved those links to the top of the screen and arranged them horizontally (but thankfully doesn’t follow Google’s lead with a “More” pulldown)….