Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Today Apple launched Ping. You can get the full story on ClickZ who covered the announcement. Were you expecting apple to launch a music social network today?…

Apple is in advanced talks to purchase Chinese ISP and game developer Handseeing, Reuters reported….

The rumor is growing fast. Now the New York Post has it that Google could launch its search-related music store as early as this holiday season, i.e. November-December….

An overview of some of today’s ad/tech news…

According to AdAge, marketers forked out between $1 to $10 million to have their campaigns carried on Apple’s iAd platform but it looks like the slated July 1st delivery is unlikely to happen – mostly due to Apple’s solo dealing of the technical issues….

Google has been feeling the heat over the past few days with the global uproar over its rogue StreetView wifi data collection and its increasingly difficult relationship with Apple. The iPad maker, who was widely rumored to be looking at leaving Google for Bing, has now included Bing as a search engine choice on Safari….

Ripples In The Golden Pond. Apple’s recent honeymoon seems to be short-lived with reports of regulatory scrutiny coming from the Department of Justice and from the Federal Trade Commission on various grounds. The issues at hand: Adobe, music and videos as well as mobile ads….

This is huge. Literally. At the close of the stock market on Wednesday, Apple became the first company of the Nasdaq, meaning its value finally surpassed that of rival Microsoft….

Today ClickZ reported that the Google AdMob deal has been unanimously approved by the FTC….

Cupertino-based company rumored to be launching mobile ad network….