Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

The Columbia Journalism Review mentioned AOL’s Demand/ROI tool and how it is being used to find topics that will generate pageviews and ROI — along with the news that AOL is hiring reporters. Demand/ROI is “used to suggest to writers topics that they should write about, either on a seasonal demand basis, or on a trending topic basis. While journalists aren’t restricted to only write about demand topics, they are a good keyword / topic source of data for them,” an AOL insider said….

Less than a week after announcing a commitment to entrepreneurship during the State of the Union address, the Obama administration announced Startup America, a national campaign to help create jobs and industries of the future. Yesterday morning, President Obama stood with several economic advisors and a number of America’s top business leaders to announce the program….

Although Tiger isn’t the top golfer in the world, he still tops AOL’s “Year End Hot Searches” list in the celebrity category. AOL released their list of top searches in the categories of health, celebrity, news, trends, shopping, and movies….

An overview of some of today’s search, advertising and tech news….

Google sites remained the most visited in the U.S. during the month of June but Yahoo is closing in on its rival, comScore’s numbers show….

When AOL is in the news, it means business… CEO Tim Armstrong said advertising would be AOL’s primary source of revenues in his turnaround plan for the company. As such, AOL already demonstrated its willingness to leave non-viable operations behind by selling its failing and ailing social site Bebo for a reported $10 million. Now it’s building a new future, starting with the launch of an innovative political ads platforms and at the same time looking for its future head of music operations….

AOL is currently gauging the offers of several companies to power its search as its $700 million-a-year deal with Google is set to expire in December. Whether it renews its agreement with Google or switches to another search company, AOL is likely to sign in its partner for the few years to come by September, according to various reports….

Google is once more number one search engine in the U.S. for the month of June with a market share of 65%, research firm Nielsen said in a report….

AOL has confirmed in an SEC filing this morning that it has sold its ailing social site Bebo to digital media investors Criterion Capital Partners. Although the value of the deal was not disclosed, reports have the price tag at a mere $10 million although AOL had forked out a hefty $850 million to acquire the company in March 2008….

According to a variety of sources, AOL plans to sell or close Bebo, the social network that it acquired two years ago for $850 million….