Saturday, July 11th, 2020

Google’s mobile ad business, AdMob, has conducted a survey of 1,431 users to find out how people use their tablet (devices). The survey found:Nearly half (43%) of those surveyed use their tablet more than their desktops Over 30% of users spent more time on their tablet than the time they spent watching television. 82% primarily use their tablets at home. 77% reported that their desktop usage declined after obtaining a tablet device….

Microsoft today filed a formal complaint in Brussels accusing Google of curating a monopoly of the search market and unfairly promoting their own products. The chief concerns from Microsoft is the monopolization of YouTube indexing, the Android market, and Google advertising….

Yesterday Google released 3D Maps for Android phones equipped with Google Maps 5.0. Rather than stitching images together, Google Maps 5.0 uses scaleable vector graphics – a much touted feature of the next generation of web services….

Here’s a shortcut to interesting news that you might have missed this weekend: Google App Inventor, Google China, Facebook closing down its gift store, Yahoo and Zillow and more……

Use the phone’s camera to get product information….