Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Line up the unusual suspects….

Quality copy is supposed to attract links, so why don’t you have any?…

LinkedIn launched Real-Time Profile Matches, helping you find jobs related to your experience.

Motorola replaced Google with Bing in China.

Google released a mobile app for BlackBerry Storm.

Google Earth and Maps got an imagery upd…

And most of it’s going to Google….

9:07am Mike Grehan and Yusuf Mehdi take the stage. Sitting in director’s chairs, they’re going to have a chat-style presentation. Oh yeah, Mehdi is SVP of Online Audience Business at Bing.

9:16am A bunch of chat about typical search …

The social revolution at Google continues….

AdMob now offers mobile ads for non-mobile sites….

Draw on a map and get results within that area….

10:13am Check out for more information on all of this!

10:12am Two ideas for what the future might look like. 1. Media mix modeling. Run experiments. Target geo-locations representative of your overall market. Test…

5:33pm Q: Is anyone working with clients internally?

Ogden: SAP is a great example. Their employees can walk around and see a lot of their data. Closed system.

5:29pm Q&A time.

Q: Standard format?
A: No one site to find the forma…