Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

As expected, marketers’ eternal riddle on SEO vs PPC did not fail to generate interest at SES San Francisco last week, as Imelda Khoo reported. Earlier this year, Kevin Gibbons had already shared with us his in-depth analysis of the SEO or PPC option. This is why, this time, we decided to meet with SpyFu’s CEO, Mike Roberts, as the search analytics company has created RECON, a tool that gives marketers a better understanding of SEO. How? By giving intelligence reports on your competitors’ keywords, campaigns and ad variations… Read on….

After months of speculations, Facebook has finally unveiled its geotagging feature. Facebook Places goes live today in the U.S., in partnership with several location-based services. You heard it, it does sound a lot like Twitter’s earlier-launched Twitter Places: the name, the partners (at least for Foursquare, Gowalla and Localeze) and the same principle of layering and meshing data from those partners. So what’s the difference? Where’s the edge?…

Covario, the provider of interactive marketing analytics, unwrapped for us here at SES San Francisco the latest upgrade to its SEO deployment tool, the Covario Organic Search Optimizer….

Google AdWords has launched Enhanced CPC, an automated bidding feature that allows marketers to maximize conversions by adjusting their CPC automatically based on their track records of conversion….

Bits and bobs to keep up with search agency news: Magnetic and BrightRoll,, Conductor and Internet Retailer….

Twitter is also boosting its mobile interaction but mostly the news mobilizing attention on the chirpy company is the launch of its own Twitter button and the impact of it on Tweetmeme….

Google is beefing up its mobile features with two launches….

Affective Interfaces (AI) is a startup with a powerful emotional recognition technology that can support marketers and brands in their go-to-market strategies. It provides insight and analytics into the emotional response of prospective users/ consumers to future products, campaigns,… that they want to test. CEO Jai Haissman walked us through the technology….

Yahoo published on its Search Blog a discussion with Dr. Ben Shahshahani, head of Search Sciences at Yahoo Labs. Here are the main outlines of the conversation….

It’s hard to find an original headline when the company name actually is “Wowd.” The search startup has launched what it calls a “Social Discovery Client For Facebook,” quite a stern name for a practical and pretty ‘cool’ social app that lets you cut through the noise to find, manage and organize your social connections on Facebook….