Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Is Your Conference Room an Einstein, a Slayer Cake or a Plain Old B?


“Fake Apple Store,” “Tater Tot” and “Barnacle.” All are contenders in the naming of Victors & Spoils’ new conference room, the latest crowdsourced project launched by the Havas-owned agency.

It sounds over the top to put out a brief to come up with a moniker for where you go rehearse powerpoints or furtively call your spouse, but the truth is, crowdsourcing on this occasion is probably a fairly efficient way of doing something that normally seems to eat up a lot of staff time at agencies, marketers and, especially, at tech companies.

To underscore how weighty a decision it can be, here’s a Quora thread on the topic, and here’s a very lengthy Reddit thread on the topic. Any number of Yelp, Ask and other pages exist with lots of earnest askers for help, and responders too.

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