Friday, May 29th, 2020

The 14 Zaniest Subscription-Commerce Startups


The subscription-commerce industry has jumped the shark, as evidenced by the uproar caused yesterday by the arrival of HelloFlo, a new company that exists solely to mail Always and Tampax Pearl tampons to women around their period every month — since women in 2013 are apparently so busy they can no longer keep track of their menstruation cycles.

As the founder Naama Bloom told TechCrunch: “There are no good reminders that are also tied in with the product. There have been so many times when I’ve been caught off guard and needed to run out to the drugstore at an inconvenient time.”

It’s a sad state of affairs really, that one of our group’s thinks we women are so lazy that we can’t hit the nearest Target or Walgreens — even better yet, stock up and buy bulk on or What’s maybe scarier, though, is that it’s hardly the first service. Many others came before it, like Juniper and Trinket Women were already sending feminine products.

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