Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

Is (Fake) Twitter Pope the Next Justin Bieber?


Pound for pound, some of the stupidest commentary online and on TV as media prognosticators waited for the Pope to be revealed today was the notion that the next Pope needed to be on Twitter. Or what? Social media gurus were going to totally abandon the Catholic church in droves? Twitter addicts were going to stop donating all that money to the church?

At any rate, the next pope, Argentina’s Jorge Bergoglio, was already on Twitter!

Or so certain media people who decided to Google him discovered. This afternoon, a number of folks (including one journalist who should have known better) discovered the account of @JMBergoglio. And unlike the last Pope’s, this one was fairly active. It was also in Spanish, which some of us don’t read because we took French in high school.

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