Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

With Dec. 21 Just Weeks Away, Apocalypse Marketing Gains Momentum Again


We have just a few weeks to go until Dec. 21, 2012 — the Mayan end calendar date that’s long prompted doomsdayers to declare the end of the world is nigh, despite Mayan elders saying it merely signifies a transition from one era to another one.

But far be it from companies to not try and capitalize on buzz around something so grim as the potential end of the world.

As home to ancient Mayan ruins, it was only fair that Mexico got the earliest start. As we wrote last year, tourism officials began marketing around the apocalypse just as we were approaching 2012. The city of Tapachula, near the Pacific coast and on the border of Guatemala, erected a gigantic digital clock to help everyone count down to the finale. Elsewhere across the country, hundreds of events and tours were announced, with a special eye cast toward Mayan region.

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