Friday, May 29th, 2020

Week After Romney-Ryan Loss, Man Regrets Logo Tattooed on Face


Last weekend, while driving around near my parents’ home in Pennsylvania — one of the battleground states, which President Barack Obama won by a narrow margin — I was struck by the number of Romney/Ryan campaign signs that, a week after the election was over, were still plastered all over the place, on lawns, along highways, on cars. “What a giant pain in the ass that’s gonna be for folks to have to dispose of,” I thought.

Well, that’s nothing compared to the guy who can um, NEVER, dispose of the tattoo of the Romney/Ryan ticket’s logo across half his face. Remember him? The guy who in October auctioned off a side of his mug and was paid $15,000 by a Republican eBay user to get inked with the GOP nominee’s “R” — that giant red-white-and-blue logo that, as we recently noted, looks like the glob of toothpaste emblazoned on tubes of Aquafresh?

Politico caught up with Mr. Tattoo, 30-year-old Eric Hartsburg this weekend. So how much does “R” now stands for regret given the candidate he was backing wasn’t successful?

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