Sunday, May 31st, 2020

Marilyn Hagerty Thinks Times Was Too Hard on Guy Fieri


In the world of viral content, it’s cats, not critiques of dining establishments, that win the most views and likes.

Yet not once, but twice in the course of this year, a restaurant review broke through the din of articles into the social mediasphere, racking up views and any number of TV news segments to the topic.

The most recent hit was a piece by the New York Times’s Pete Wells eviscerating Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar, a new Times Square spot opened by Food Network celebrity Guy Fieri. On Facebook and Twitter, the piece earned applause for its savaging of Mr. Fieri’s “Awesome Pretzel Chicken Tenders” and burger with “Donkey Sauce.” Things got so bad, Mr. Fieri made a “Today” show appearance to defend his establishment.

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