Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

GMO Ballot Rejection Fuels ‘Sticker-Bombing’ Campaign


Thwarted at the ballot box, Alex Bogusky and some other supporters of genetically modified labeling are encouraging people to “sticker bomb the local grocery” by labeling foods on their own.

Mr. Bogusky, the former ad executive turned activist, today tweeted a link to an organization called Label it Yourself, which has a website that allows visitors to make their own labels to stick on foods that include GMOs. An accompanying Tumblr page shows a host of well-known brands adorned with the graphic labels, which feature ears of corn growing out of a skull.

Said Mr. Bogusky on Twitter: “I guess now we need to label GMOs ourselves. These folks are making it easy to sticker bomb the local grocery.” His wife made a similar plea on Twitter.

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