Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Each Tweet Is Worth a Condom in Durex Promotion


In this age of social media, some questions have perplexed marketers: What’s a tweet worth? What’s a share worth? What’s a hashtag worth?

Starting today and continuing through Dec. 1, the answer will be clear, at least to Durex, billed “the Global Sexual Wellbeing giant” by its corporate overlord Reckitt Benckiser, also marketer of Bang, Finish, Vanish and Suboxone. Each tweet bearing the #1share1condom hashtag and each share of the World AIDS Day image or video found on Durex USA’s Facebook page will be worth precisely one unused condom.

Durex will donate the condoms to global and local charities dedicated to preventing the spread of HIV, limited only by the degree to which people share the love in social media and a 2.5-million-unit cap on its prophylactic philanthropy. That equals the 2.5 million people newly infected with AIDS in 2011, according to UNAIDS.

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