Saturday, July 11th, 2020

Top Google Spot is Less Valuable on iPads [Study]


Search-based online advertising network Chitika has put out an interesting study showing that the top spot in receives 20 percent of clicks among users.


Last year Chitika tried to determine the value of a top Google result, reporting that the top organic position drove 34.35 percent of all traffic — and we recently reported on Optify’s findings that the top Google results gets 36.4 percent of clicks.

Chitika’s new study doesn’t speak for all tablets — the data used to determine the 20 percent figure was only for iPads, not other tablets. Perhaps part of this is because with the iPad, there is no ability to multi-task and searchers are more committed to whatever task it is they are currently working on.

We know that 78 percent of users are using tablets to search for information, and search is the second most popular activity. Now we know that that 78 percent are willing to go deeper into the search results — or, perhaps as Chitika suggests, “this can be attributed to the touchscreen interface, or the fact that search behavior isn’t yet ingrained in tablet users like it is in desktop and laptop users.”

Why do websites that don’t rank first on Google do better on iPads than other devices? Chitika plans to analyze data for other devices, which is good. The last thing we need to see is somebody else citing click-through rates from the old AOL 2006 data leak.

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