Monday, February 17th, 2020

Roger Hargreaves’ Characters Illustrated in 16 Google Doodles


Google is celebrating characters created by British children’s book author and illustrator Roger Hargreaves, who today would have turned 76. The characters featured in Google’s series of logos all come from two series of books written by Hargreaves — “Mr. Men” and “Little Miss.”

In case you missed it, reload Google enough times today and you’ll be treated to a total of 16 different Doodles. The last time Google put out multiple Doodles in one day for an individual was five for the 205th birthday of Hans Christian Anderson last April.

Hargreaves’ “Mr. Men” series of 47 books began in 1971, and August 10th will be the 40th anniversary since the first six “Mr. Men” books were published — “Mr. Tickle,” “Mr. Greedy,” “Mr. Nosey,” “Mr. Happy,” “Mr. Bump” and “Mr. Sneeze.” In addition to being licensed for clothing, games, and toys, The “Mr. Men” characters also were adapted for television in the UK on the BBC.

Here’s a compilation of all the “Mr. Men” logos, featuring Mr. Slow, Mr. Bump, Mr. Dizzy, Mr. Forgetful, Mr. Funny, Mr. Rush, and Mr. Happy:


The first 30 books of the “Little Miss” series were written by Hargreaves, before his son, Adam, took over for the last three books.

Here’s a compilation of all the “Little Miss” logos, featuring Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Curious, Little Miss Magic, Little Miss Naughty (with a cameo from Mr. Uppity), Little Miss Shy, Little Miss Sunshine, and Little Miss Tiny:


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