Friday, May 29th, 2020

Martha Graham Dance Animates Google Logo With Ryan Woodward Art


Martha Graham was born 117 years ago today and Google called on “motionographer” Ryan Woodward to honor the event with an animated Doodle. I was hoping for a Monty Python theme, but this logo could be a classic.


Graham was the pioneer of modern dance in the United States and her Martha Graham Dance Company has grown in to the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance.

The animation was done by Ryan Woodward, the self-claimed ‘motionographer’ and popular artist. The combination of both creative skills culminate in the Doodle above. The images suggest classic shots of the dancer who contributed so much to world art.


Martha Graham’s impact on dance was staggering and often compared to that of Picasso’s on painting, Stravinsky’s on music, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s on architecture. Her contributions transformed the art form, revitalizing and expanding dance around the world. In her search to express herself freely and honestly, she created the Martha Graham Dance Company, one of the oldest dance troupes in America. As a teacher, Graham trained and inspired generations of fine dancers and choreographers. Her pupils included such greats as Alvin Ailey, Twyla Tharp, Paul Taylor, Merce Cunningham, and countless other performers, actors, and dancers. She collaborated with some of the foremost artists of her time including the composer Aaron Copland and the sculptor Isamu Noguchi,” PBS noted.

With his Doodle, Woodward joins Graham’s collaborators. His recent video “Thoughts of You” captures his motion and dance that may have been inspired by moves Graham pioneered.

The information and artwork were appreciated even though Monty Python would have been fun. Facebook at least had something for International Monty Python Status Day.

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