Friday, June 5th, 2020

Google Animated Doodle Crashes Microsoft Browser


The Martha Graham tribute Doodle had problems yesterday. Seems Internet Explorer browsers had problems rendering the script that created the animation and crashed or froze the browser.

Thumbnail image for graham11-hp.png

Amid the praise for the artistry of Ryan Woodward, the nod to Martha Graham as a pioneer of modern dance and Google showcasing its browser scripting skills – there were complaints of its drain on computer resources, slowing of systems and in many cases the freezing or crashing of IE browsers.

As the comments about problems and the auto launch, as well as the difficulty of turning it off, rolled in the fact that Chrome and Firefox both had no problems almost seemed like a jab at Microsoft – though I am sure it had a lot of people updating their version of IE yesterday.

Interestingly, there were some art critics in the comments, too, seeing the art as dark and evil… it was done in black and white. The praises outweighed complaints so the doodle was effective. People learned about Martha Graham and artist Ryan Woodward.

Doodles are becoming more interactive and animated and to enjoy them users need the current versions of their browsers. The demands on systems will vary but Google no doubt took notice of complaints of system problems and poor load speeds.

Wonder how many people jumped to Chrome?

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