Friday, June 5th, 2020

adCenter Finally Changing Spend Budgeting, Possibly More


Many adCenter users have long disliked the need to set both monthly and daily spends for their PPC spends, and now it seems Microsoft has listened and are changing that. The email received today maps out their planned changes though they did not disclose all of the changes.

“To help make managing your campaign budgets easier than ever, we’re planning a series of improvements to the Microsoft Advertising adCenter budget options. We’ll keep you informed as we make these improvements over the next few months, and there are steps you can take today to prepare for them,” the email started.

What will the Daily Budget change mean?
You’ll no longer have to specify both a daily and monthly maximum amount when using the Daily Budget option in adCenter. Instead, you will only need to specify a daily amount, which adCenter will then multiply by the average number of days in a month to calculate your monthly maximum amount.

The Daily Budget change will take effect in two phases to give you time to plan and make adjustments. Starting as early as 11th May, 2011:

  • The change will apply to new daily budget campaigns.
  • The monthly maximum amounts you’ve specified for existing daily budget campaigns will continue to be in place unless you edit the campaign budget.

Later this summer:

  • All existing and new daily budget campaigns will have monthly maximums calculated by adCenter based on your daily budget amount.
  • Prepare now to maintain your desired spend
  • If you maintain your current daily budget amounts once the Daily Budget change takes effect, your adCenter-calculated monthly maximum amount may be higher than you had manually set, resulting in increased monthly spend. Now is a great time to evaluate your daily budget amounts to make sure they reflect the total amount you target to spend in the month.

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