Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Tablet Device Usage Overtaking Print, Radio & TV [Infographic]


(the mobile ad network owned by Google) recently surveyed 1431 tablet device owners to learn more about their usage habits. The survey found that gaming was the number 1 activity for tablet owners and searching is the 2nd most popular activity on tablet devices. This is noteworthy as this is a behavior change from traditional desktop and laptop usage, where searching the web and using email are the top activities.

However, what is truly remarkable about the behavior change reported in the AdMob study is that owners are now spending more time using their tablet devices than they are reading magazines or newspapers, listening to the radio, using their laptop or smartphone and watching TV.

The shift in attention from traditional media platforms to “the second (dual) screen” is an important change for marketers to note, so we visualized the data in the AdMob report to help you make more sense of it.

The infographic below was designed for Search Engine Watch (SEW) by Neil Tweddle (Twitter), from Typo-Graphic (Portfolio). You can download a PDF of the full-size version here: SEW Tablet Usage.pdf


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