Saturday, July 11th, 2020

Searching Number 2 Activity On Tablet Devices


Google’s mobile ad business, , has conducted a survey of 1,431 users to find out how people use their tablet (devices). The survey found:

  • Nearly half (43%) of those surveyed use their tablet more than their desktops
  • Over 30% of users spent more time on their tablet than the time they spent watching television.
  • 82% primarily use their tablets at home.
  • 77% reported that their desktop usage declined after obtaining a tablet device.

Most notable of the findings is that gaming reigns in as the most popular tablet activity.

Users claimed 84% of the time spent on the tablet was on games. Below is the complete breakdown:

  • 84% playing games
  • 78% searching for information
  • 74% emailing
  • 61% reading the news
  • 51% accessing a social network
  • 46% reading e-books
  • 42% shopping online
  • 19% other/misc


With 78% of users using tablets to search for information, it is the second most popular activity. This is interesting as, the ‘instant-on’ nature of these devices means that searching is at people’s fingertips more readily than ever before – any information need can lead to a search.

Those companies that are first to the starting line can reap major benefits such as cheaper ad prices and less competition. With more intuitive ads, more options, and a different market, iAds and Admob should be on the task list of many marketers this upcoming Spring season.

Jason Tabeling’s recent SEW post, entitled “iPad AdWords Targeting” clearly outlines the ability to target tablet users in advertising campaigns and provides statistics that show Tablets users are worth targeting:

2011 has been touted as the year to launch Mobile PPC ads.
Mobile commerce, in fact, is expected to reach $119 billion in sales by 2015 and device targeting is easier than ever.

“As more tablet devices hit the market they will continue to grow as a percent of the search population. There are clearly some opportunities to set specific bids, and control the keyword lists differently.

I encourage you to take a look at your tablet specific data, and see what you can learn and apply to your search marketing campaigns.”

The tablet market is still largely dominated by the , but Motorola and Archos have both recently brought tablets to market which run the Google Android OS. There is a lot of speculation regarding Apple’s market share in tablets, with Steve Jobs claiming the number is currently as high as 90%. The gap in sales between Apple and “other tablet devices” is huge. In fact, in 2011 the estimated sales for tablets is said to be 24.1 million tablets and 20 million of those will be iPads.

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