Sunday, May 31st, 2020

Panoramic Images Are Easy With Bing Point-and-Shoot Photo Stitching App


Today Maps announced their new iOS app called Photosynth, which enables you to snap full-circle, 360 degree panoramic images just using your point-and-click iPhone camera.

Simply point your camera up, down, left and right, and the app will automatically line-up the next shot. Photosynth will then automatically process, view and store the finished panoramas right onto the device.

You can then share your panoramas as images on Facebook, view them as interactive panoramas on, or publish them to Bing Maps (using the app) to be used on Bing local business listings.


As many companies are realizing, offering a free app is like a game of give and take. In this case a powerful creativity tool is provided to the user in return for the ability to have them potentially curate and enhance the Bing search experience. It is characteristic of Bing’s strategy to spearhead initiatives which leverage content from all around the Web.

Microsoft is endeavoring to add more powerful content applications into the search experience by placing that content all in one place. Their philosophy is that content should come to you; you should not have to click a link to go to the content. Put another way Bing believe in search as something more like an app, than an index.

By releasing this app, Bing Photosynth not only offers a relatively fun and innovative tool for creating panoramas, but also provides a fantastic incentive for users to help Bing build unique valuable content on Bing Maps. More importantly, the app provides a low-tech way for business owners to generate impressive and engaging listings on Bing search result pages. Eventually this service may be tied into the new Bing Business Portal.

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According to Bing, Photosynth is available now in the iTunes app store for iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, iPod Touch Fourth Generation, and the iPad 2 running iOS 4.1 and later. Windows Phone will be getting it next. Currently there is no news on whether Android users will get the app.

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