Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Panda Update (UK): Who Got Two Black Eyes From Google? [Infographic]


UK’s Panda update shook a lot of website categories in it’s search for ‘high quality’ content. We were interested to know what kind of sites saw the biggest ‘visibility’ drops so we categorized the data of the top 100 sites that lost search positions according to data released by SearchMetrics.

The panda update was one of the first algorithm updates to actively survey ‘real people’ and use their input and quality assessment to benchmark it’s algorithm.

Whilst the data visualization below is not an indicator of any traffic reduction to those sites (many are upbeat and defiant about the impact of the panda update on their business), it is a useful indicator of where Google’s latest algorithm has focussed it’s efforts.


Feel free to use this infographic on your own blog! This data was visualized for Search Engine Watch (SEW) by Neil Tweddle from Typo-Graphic. You can download the full data visualization here: SEW PANDA UK.pdf

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