Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

New Google Panda UK Stats: Article, Price Comparison Sites Slammed Hard


Searchmetrics was first to put out its list of winners and losers yesterday after Google’s Panda update arrived in the UK. New early data released today by SISTRIX indicates that article sites, price comparison sites, and business directories have taken the biggest falls in ’s organic search results.

Websites that were hammered in the U.S. have now been hit in the UK search results, including: ezinearticles.com, hubpages.com, suite101.com, associatedcontent.com, articlesbase.com, howtodothings.com, and mahalo.com. As SISTRIX notes (and Searchmetrics noted yesterday), price comparison sites were hit particularly hard in the UK, including Microsoft’s Ciao, which is also at the center of the Google antitrust probe in Europe.

Much like its February analysis, SISTRIX’s numbers are based on a dataset of 1 million keywords, looking at keyword traffic, rankings, and click-through rates on specific positions. One important note: this data is based on a very limited set of data, comparing yesterday and today to the day before the Panda update was officially rolled out.

Fourteen of the 30 sites SISTRIX identified as most damaged by Panda didn’t appear on Searchmetrics list (bizrate.co.uk; findarticles.com; tradekey.com; answerbag.com; encyclopedia.com; vodpod.com; brighthub.com; zazzle.co.uk; howtodothings.com; life123.com; wn.com; docstoc.com; faqs.org). Here’s the full list from SISTRIX:


Still waiting on SISTRIX to reveal which sites gained the most in the UK from Panda.

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