Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Groupon Counters Google Offers By Hiring Exec. Who Worked On Their Local Offerings


While Google launched their new Offers service last week – a coupon product similar to , the company that turned down a $6 billion offer – reached out and hired Margo Georgiadis, the VP of Global Sales Operations at Google, as their new COO.

Groupon reported Georgiadis “drove sales operations across regions and channels and the global technology teams that commercialize Google’s products such as AdWords, AdSense and display among advertisers and publishers. She also led the local and commerce businesses, working to extend services like Checkout, Google Places and product search. Georgiadis previously served as EVP of Card Products and CMO of Discover Financial Services and was a partner at McKinsey and Company. She is currently a board member of The Jones Group and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.”

Georgiadis will oversee the company’s global sales, marketing, and operations, Groupon noted.

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