Monday, July 16th, 2018

Google Webmaster Tools Provides Plugin for Self Hosted WordPress Sites


Google has released a new plugin that will help you verify your site in Webmaster Tools.

Blogger users already know this was an option for Google-owned-blogger blogs. Now, it’s an option for WordPress users as well. Bloggers who have a blog hosted on can’t use the plugin just yet as it only works on self-hosted WordPress installations.


What’s the value of the plugin? Not much. One could argue it is actually more difficult installing with the plugin.

Google Webmaster Tools can be verified by dropping a Google-generated .html file on the site’s root, a meta tag, a DNS record, and the plugin requires installation, then verification, and you must meet the server requirements for the plugin to work correctly.

There is no value the plugin brings as far as providing new data or data within WordPress. I will stay away from adding another plugin to my wp-content/ folder unless it really brings some value to the table.

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