Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Google Trends Extinguishes Hot Topics


Hot Topics on Google Trends are history. Google now is simply showing the top 10 Hot Searches — what Google users are searching for the most, updated hourly.

Whereas Google used to show 10 Hot Topics on the left and 10 Hot Searches on the right, now the Hot Searches have been split in half, appearing over both sides, and the “More Hot Topics” search box is also gone:


And here’s one of the final screenshots of how Google Trends used to appear, from our previous Hot Topics story from Monday:


Hot Topics may be gone, but the description of the defunct feature still has a spot on Google’s About page: “Hot Topics allows you to see a snapshot of what people are saying, by viewing the topics with the most buzz in the news, on Twitter, FriendFeed, or on other similar sources. Hot Topics are updated regularly.”

Not anymore. So long, Hot Topics.

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