Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Google Testing Double Column Sitelinks?


David Lindop, Senior SEO Manager at MediaVest Manchester, recently posted a screenshot of something that caught our eye – double column search results.

Image source: Double Column Organic Google Results, oh my! (Burndowneasy.com)

To be exact the screenshot above seems to be of double column (and double spaced) Google sitelinks for a branded search.

However, David Lindop suggests that these are not actually sitelinks, but more like deep links for that website. Also, it is debatable whether ‘smart new homes’ counts as a branded search or a generic one, as the concept of ‘smart home’ is increasingly being discussed in clean-tech circles.

He also notes that this results format aggressively pushes every other result down the page. This would be bad news for many webmasters if this result type features on unbranded terms.

Have you seen anything similar? And, more importantly, have you seen this type of result on unbranded terms?

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