Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Google Doodles: Vaclav Ctvrtek, Children’s Day


Google has posted a Doodle on Google Czech Republic today in honor of a fairy tale writer, while Google Hong Kong and Taiwan are wishing visitors a happy Children’s Day.


The Czech logo is a tribute to popular children’s literature writer Vaclav Ctvrtek, and features two of his most popular characters, Rumcajs and CipĂ­sek. Today would have been Ctvrtek’s 100th birthday. Ctvrtek authored short stories, novels, and plays, some of which were adapted for Czech television.


Google Hong Kong and Taiwan sport a Children’s Day logo. Hong Kong has celebrated this day since 1931, but this is the first year it will be celebrated as a public holiday in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s government wants to highlight “the importance the government attaches to children,” but according to this article, it seems Taiwan’s real fear is less children are being born (due to Taiwan having the lowest fertility rate in 2009 — 1.02 children per woman), which will decrease the labor force and hurt Taiwan’s future competitiveness.

The day on which Children’s Day is celebrated varies country to country. International Children’s Day, which takes place on June 1, is celebrated by numerous countries.

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