Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Google Autocomplete Offers Suggestions by the Word


users will soon see a new twist on ’s autocomplete feature when typing longer queries. announced that autocomplete will begin serving up search predictions based on only part of your search.

Autocomplete, which basically tries to predict or refine what you’re searching for based on popularity of search terms, will focus on the last word or words of your query to suggest searches — even on less popular search queries and keyword combinations that have never been typed before.

The key change here is that Google is no longer focusing on a full keyword string. Now autocomplete will focus on the individual keywords rather than a complete query.

You get many more suggestions and could find many more good search results by following their keyword-level suggestions. So, for instance, on a three-word keyword, Google will now add suggestions for each word individually. The only question about the new auto-complete is why did it take so long to implement?


All English users will see this feature first. Google is further testing for additional languages and will eventually expand to other countries.

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